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Facebook Ads Workshop

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You see them all the time in your Facebook feed.  Those infamous ads.  As one of the over 2 billions users on Facebook, ads are being served up you constantly.  Facebook has changed dramatically for small businesses over the past few years.  It is now "Pay to Play".  




Honestly, that is a GOOD thing for you.  It is actually quite brilliant that Facebooks offers you the ability to target your IDEAL customer/client with their Facebook Ads.  So what is a small business owner to do?  Learn how to master Facebook Ads and create a winning strategy to build your audience so you can generate more leads and convert them to sales.  


Let me ask you this:


Have you ever posted on your Facebook Page and shortly thereafter, Facebook gives you a notification that you should "BOOST" this post? 


Here is my first of MANY tips.... DON'T DO IT!! 


That is simply just you giving Facebook your money.  Boosting a post only has the objective of "engagement".  This objective will NOT spend your money effectively.  What you should do is set up an ad using that post thru the Ads Manager, you can then choose from a full range of objectives like driving conversions, sensing traffic, other types of engagements and you will have more control over what happens with the ad and what the ad can do for you.


This workshop is for you....


  • If you are considering to start using Facebook Ads for your business

  • If you have attempted to set up a campaign in the past but got scared or the ad failed to get the results you wanted.

  • You don't feel anyone on Facebook is seeing your posts on your page.

  • You don't want to waste money by guessing how to set up a successful Facebook Ad.

  • You want to grow your brand online and get in front of your ideal audience.


In this 2 hour in-person workshop Joanne will cover the following areas of Facebook Ads:


✔️ What you need to have set up BEFORE you even start running your first ad

✔️ What is a custom audience and how to create them

✔️ Using Facebook Pixels to build your custom targeted audience

✔️ The importance of split testing 

✔️ How to create images/videos and creative copy that converts

✔️ How to know if your ad is working or not

✔️ How to set up your first ad campaign

✔️ Q&A


The class will be held on February 12, 2019 at 10:00am - 12pm. 5768 Crabtree Lane, Cicero NY 13039 (2nd Floor)


Only $47 for the class, sign up today as space is extremely limited. I can't wait to see you!







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